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About Us

With over 40 years of combined experience in law enforcement, our founders have dedicated their careers to protecting our communities, businesses and schools. Our qualified staff has extensive training in tactics, hostage rescue, active threat response, first responder/rescue task force, advanced firearms, defensive tactics, and dignitary protection. Our staff has the knowledge, experience and skillset in teaching every facet of law enforcement tactics.

Our staff is dedicated to developing and maintaining business partnerships through analysis, education and evaluation along side our clients. Lexiss Security Consultants takes a role where local law enforcement, fire and security can no longer provide manpower and resources in providing assistance to local entities. Todays workforce needs to gain the knowledge at protecting themselves. We strive to take the extra steps in providing the action plans you can take and increase survival rates.

Our society today can not depend solely on first responders to save them. Based on past incidents, first responder response time takes several minutes.  What you can do in those first crucial minutes will determine the outcome of that incident. Let Lexiss Security Consultants prepare you for those moments when your life will depend on it.

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