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Active Threat Training

Providing knowledge and skillset to survive

Our specialty and the reason Lexiss Security Consultants was created!

Our founders have spent their careers as law enforcement officers training to respond to these types of events. What they discovered was a gap between law enforcement and the community. Although first responders train constantly on these incidents, the civilian population lacked the knowledge on how to respond and act in the very first crucial moments an active threat incident occurs. Statistics show that the average response time of first responders to the initial act of violence was 3-5 minutes.  It was with this statistic that they found it necessary to train the very people they swore an oath to protect. Now, with our training, our clients have closed that gap and are taught the very skillsets used to preserve life until first responders arrive.

Our Active Threat Training is above any other.  Our trainings are not lectures. With detailed presentations, physical interaction and hands-on exercises, our clients are able to put the skills taught to use. They are guided through every step along the way. All of our training is customizable to our clients needs, whether it be commerce, schools, worship, job site or recreational facilities. Clients have the option to include our custom Medical Applications Training where they learn types of wounds, bleeds, tourniquet application and wound packing.



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